Swimming Lessons

Learning to Swim with Swimsense


When children first come to us we generally assess them and allocate them a class appropriate to their ability. Younger children joining us for the first time are invited to a trial session to see if they are ready to enter the water without a parent accompanying them.

Children tend to join at 3 years plus and many are still with us at 13 or 14 years. BEGINNERS, IMPROVERS, INTERMEDIATES, ADVANCED are all available.

Our current timetable allows us to have one of these groups running each half an hour. We try to be flexible with your own requirements for timings but in keeping the groups small it may mean your first choice is not always available. Please contact Emma with any specific needs you may have.

Please see the current timetable at the bottom of the page.

Teaching Curriculum

Children learn best when they are safe, happy and confident and for this reason our primary aim is to ensure we meet these goals. Teaching children to swim is exceedingly rewarding as they generally learn very quickly but it is a vital, life saving skill that needs to be learned in a positive and safe way. All children are taught basic water safety and personal survival. This may involve a lesson on climbing out and hand holding down a wall for the younger children, to treading water and retaining warmth techniques for the older children.

All our lessons focus on the core stroke skills and introduces the children to the correct technique for overarm recovery, underwater pull, body position, leg extension and kick across the 4 established swimming strokes appropriate for their age and development.

Swimming Aids are used where appropriate. Young and older children enjoy the brightly coloured 'woggles', floats and toys available. We also have a range of more advanced equipment such as flippers and hand paddles for use in the higher ability classes.

Current Timetable

(Summer Term 2018) First session on xx and xx month

TUESDAY 4.00 Beginners (4/5) Improvers (5) Intermediates (5) Advanced (6)

TUESDAY 4.30 Improvers (5/6) Improvers (5) Intermediates (5/6) Beginners (5)

TUESDAY 5.00 Improvers (5/6) Improvers (5) Advanced (4/5) Beginners (5)

TUESDAY 5.30 Beginners (4/5) Intermediates (5) Advanced (6) Advanced (6)

WEDNESDAY 4.00 Improvers (5) Intermediates (5) Advanced (3/4) Intermediates

WEDNESDAY 4.30 Beginners (5) Improvers (5) Advanced (5) Intermediates (6)

WEDNESDAY 5.00 Improvers (5/6) Intermediates (5/6) Improvers (4/5)

photo of a young swimming pupil doing the crawl
A photo swimming the breast stroke in a public poolA photo swimming the breast stroke in a public pool