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Updated 19th June 2020

Currently with restrictions still in place we are unable to offer any lessons. We have started some school swimming at North Downs however schools also have their own social isolation rules which often restrict access on site during the term time. Currently all Public pools are closed on government advice and will only reopen sometime in July. HOWEVER! THE VERY GOOD NEWS IS…. we will be offering 2 weeks of swimming at the start of the Summer holidays from 27th July. This will be at the North Downs Primary school pool in Brockham. We can offer morning and afternoon swimming here, both small groups (maximum 4 in a class) and some private sessions although these are limited. Emails have gone out to all current swimmers and their families to get in touch if they wish to join us here.

PLANNING AND CONSIDERATION OF SWIMMING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING We are in discussion with all schools and swim venues to discuss managing lessons, changing rooms, teaching and parents viewing. We are also following Swim England who have a comprehensive plan in place for the reopening of swim pools which have been closed and the restarting of clubs whilst continuing to ensure the safety of all children and parents attending.

  1. A one way system is preferred to ensure less interaction of swimmers. For example at North Downs Primary we would ask you to enter through the corner gate via the staff car park, follow the pathway around the playground and after swimming exit on the other side past the shed and through the ‘Field Gate’.

  2. Changing rooms to be used for as little time as possible. For example, children should come to swimming already changed into their costumes and therefore only children changing after swimming will be in the changing rooms at any time. (Maximum 4 in each changing room.)

  3. All classes will be at a maximum of 4 children. Children will be encouraged to remain at some distance from each other during the lesson.

  4. Parents should follow the current social distancing rules both outside and inside the pool area. Only one adult per household should bring the children to the classes.

  5. Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance to the pool and ALL children and parents are asked to use this. Also everyone is reminded to touch as few surfaces in the school grounds as possible.

  6. Children are asked to wear flip flops/sandals/crocs to the poolside and leave them by the steps. Once out of the pool again shoes should be put back on.

I would remind you all that once in the water the children are in an extremely sanitary and hygienic environment. Chlorine kills every bacteria and virus! Clearly if other guidance comes in from Swim England we will ensure we comply with all conditions.

Please see below regarding fees.


By arrangement

Fees will be lowered for the rest of this term. Many of us have had a long period of reduced working and income. Everyone who attended in Spring Term is also due a free session due to the cancellation of the last week of term.

Fees for 1 child in 30 minute session: £7 per session. Private lessons: 1:1 £28, 2:1 £32 and 3:1 £35

As above all fees are due at the start of the July teaching block, however there may be occasions where you require more flexibility on payment so please do get in touch if this is required.

All bookings for these are made directly with Emma and timings are agreed to suit everyone.

We are obviously hoping and planning for a full return to ‘normal’ swimming in September when fees will be posted on this site. We also have Private Lesson slots available at 5.30 at the Priory for people wanting 1:1 sessions or 1:2. Please contact Emma for more information. These are £20/£30 per session and bookable only through Emma.

Changes to your place and withdrawal of children from classes


Please see terms & conditions with regards to advising me about changes to your place and withdrawal of children from classes.

We are very conscious of not trying to have too many children in our classes and therefore always accommodate our existing children first before offering places to other children. This is why I ask for as much notice as possible with regards to changes. SOME PEOPLE have advised of possible changes and we are aware of these, however if your circumstances do change we ask you to let me know so that I can accommodate other peoples choices.

I AM EXTREMELY AWARE THAT SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT WANT TO REJOIN SWIMMING THIS TERM AND WOULD PREFER TO START AGAIN after a longer period of end of lockdown. NO CHILD WILL LOSE THEIR SWIMMING PLACE if they wish to return next term instead. I would simply ask you advise me as soon as possible.

A image of a boy swimming the back-stroke in a school pool
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