Swimming Class Lists


Updated 17th April 2019

Due to new Data Privacy legislation we are now unable to print childrens names on the website and can only show the individual groupings for each half hour. Any changes made from your previous class will be advised directly to you after consultation and new groups will be formed where it is deemed necessary for numbers and ability levels. Should you wish to check your childs class please do get in touch with Emma directly before the start of term. There are always changes after the first week following re-assessment of the children following the holidays. Please remember whilst we try and keep siblings at the same time, it does not always work with the ability levels. Do get in touch if you require changes to your group or time with as much notice as possible.

Teachers for this term will be Emma, Becki, Annabel, Louis, Laura, Milly and Hannah. Sian, Tilly and Chris will be assisting and teaching alongside us.